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The Cherylia (Cardassia, New Mars) things at Latina el Cardassia (character), have 6 planets on systems and capital of Cherylia.

Also known: Cherylia, Cardassia, New Mars, New Elizabeth, HIP 650053.

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Name Radius Temperature Capital City Moons
Cardassia II 1.814,0 km 525 K Blacu Chasma
Cardassia III 6.463,2 km 311 K Onderon Terra
Cherylia 9.821,8 km 256 K Chernobyl Sulcus Chaar, Cherylian Station
Cardassia IV 2.215,7 km 242 K Viziam Vallis
Cardassia V 7.233,8 km 202 K Texoco Glaciar
Cardassia VI 67.095 km 128 K

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