El Burro
El BurroMk.III
Basic Information
Ship Class
Mk. II
Ship Specs
Piece Count
581 (Mk. II)
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El Burro, or The Donkey is an Emerian heavy battleship that was first approved for use in the Emerian Imperial Navy (EIN) by the Imperial Council and VAMI IV, and manufactured by Vixen Incorporated. El Burro was designed to battle other vessels, and, while performing best in wolfpacks and embedded in fleets of friendly ships, 


El Burro was designed to take punishing blows and issue equally devasting attacks from its many large guns. El Burro's heavy armament, shielding systems, thick armor make it ideal for fighting other ships. El Burro also has a hangar bay that holds up to 3 full squads of fighters and/or bomber aircraft, adding to its ability to fight other ships.

El Burro's high mobility is due to its state-of-the-art engines and slipspace sails, which give it the ability to move quickly and accurately, rendering it capable of accessing almost any area of a battlefield.

Weaponry & DefensesEdit

El Burro is a vessel designed for taking and giving plenty of deleterious blows, and is such covered in heavy weaponry, thick armor, and sprinkled with a decent amount of airlocks. The MKCs (Main Kinetic Cannons) that dot the ship provide most of the firepower, but the true power of this battleship comes from the two heavy railguns in the bow of the ship. For smaller, faster targets, an array of anti-air ARCHER missiles line the top of the ship

The ship has some, small scale shielding systems on both the port and starboard sides of the ship, but the protection provided to the ship is almost completely made of the thick, heat and kinetic resistant hull made of various ABS alloys and Bullshit Metals.


El Burro was designed and produced by Vixen Inc. and Friends to counter the battleships of the Scythians during the AN-TA's final stages during Operation: Dominion's Call, and be able to do massive damage all by its lonesome against entire squadrons of enemy fleets.

Since then, El Burro battleships have seen service in several engagements just outside Emerian borders.

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