Inexorable Dreadnaught
Basic Information
Ship Class
Super Dreadnought (Siege) 3rd Generation
Praetorian Empire
Ship Specs
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The Inexorable Class Dreadnought is a Praetorian 3rd Generation 'Siege' vessel. Built by PAEN systems, these vessels are the largest in Praetoria's arsenal. The design follows the doctrine of larger military vessels being built for ground and structure attack, as opposed to fighting fleets of smaller ships, or other equivalently massive vessels.


An Inexorable's superstructure consist primarily of an elongated tube, with the forward section hollowed out for fighter and support craft storage. Along both sides of the vessel, two main support columns run, acting as the primary backbone of the vessel. Command is located at the front of the vessel, with flight operations conducted from a number of positions protruding out past the main hangar cavity.

Weaponry & Defences

Similarly to the smaller Exodus class vessels, the front half of the vessel has shield like carapace armour, which acts as a mounting for 8 "Ultimate Hi-Yield Laser" batteries, for a total of 32 laser weapons. The vessel itself is also covered in a large number of Tri-Lasers, numbering over a hundred in all. The vessel has hangar capacity for a two dozen full fighter flights as standard, alongside room support frigate wings. As a primary siege orientated weapon, an Inexorables defences are formidable, and designed to withstand a beating over an extended period. Due to the sheer size of the vessel, multiple shield generators work in concert to provide an interlocking shield weave, that requires multiple points of shielding to be broken, before the vessel itself would become vulnerable, providing some defence against single strike attacks, and requiring an enemy fleet to spread their firepower across the whole vessel. The armour is also impressive, the massive armour plates covering the front portion of the vessel consist of 15,000mm reinforced Terratanium-661 reinforced alloy at thinnest, the largest armour plates being the 60,000mm plates covering the engineering sections.


The first vessel HEMS Inexorable was built at a undisclosed location in the inter-galactic void, each section was fully fabricated at one one of 24 different sites, before being shipped out for assembly, in what was a largely automated process. This first vessel became for a short while the flagship of space lord Alexander Percy Cromwell, as he lead an attack to liberate the Allied Nations headquarters of New York, from Third Alliance occupation. Since this battle, Inexorables have become the showpiece of many Praetorian fleets, capable of battering any unruly world into submission, in mere minutes. The largest concentration of these vessels is the four that guard the beach-head system in Nehellenium, poised to strike down any fleet, no matter how powerful, that attempts to run the gate.

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