San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo Mk.II Primary
Basic Information
Vami IV
Ship Class
Emerian Empire
Mk. I
Ship Specs
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The San Lorenzo is the mainstay of the Emerian Imperial Navy (EIN), was first produced by Vixen in conjunction with Praetorian contractors. This formidable battleship was crafted with powerful deck guns, thick armor, and some of the best shielding and maneuvering technology in the Brikverse.


The San Lorenzo was designed to move fast, strike hard, and take punishment. The Slipspace travel ability on the San Lorenzo is very powerful, making it excellent for escorting much larger ships and even carrying other friendly ships in its Slipspace Stream. This is thanks entirely to the massive engines of the San Lorenzo, and the four additional smaller Slipspace drives add even more power to the ship. This ship can as a result literally be anywhere it so wants to be.

The hull on this line of battleships is comprised of ABS ribbed on the interior with various Bullshit Alloys, and the exterior hull being plated in ABS and more Bullshit Alloys. Weapons and additional armor cover the hull where they would fit. An addition, there are three bridges on the San Lorenzo, the Primary located on top of the ship, the Secondary Bridge (Command / Backup bridge) located below it and attached to the Captain's Quarters, and the Third (Navigation) bridge being located under the ship.

Weaponry and DefensesEdit

The San Lorenzo utilizes standard ship guns and large amounts of ARCHER missile pods, and is thickly coated in very strong armor, which is then further polished by powerful shielding technology.


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